Selling Tips

Your house is one of your largest assets so when you make the decision to sell it, make sure you do it right! Take all the right precautions and steps needed to guarantee your house exemplifies its true value to your potential buyers.

Because selling a home can be very time consuming, you will want to take advantage of A & N Mortgage Services, Inc.'s expert knowledge of the Chicago real estate market, which will help you speed up your home sale process.

Before you put your home on the market, review the selling tips below to ensure you can attain the most return from your investment.

Before You Sell Get Pre-Qualified

Before you put your home on the market, make sure your plans to purchase a new home are underway. High expectations and failing to pre-qualify may force a seller to settle on a house that is far from the ideal property they were envisioning. By getting pre-qualified for a home loan, you can ensure your ability to afford and obtain your new dream home.

Setting the Asking Price

Setting the right price for your property is one of the most important steps of your home sale process. If you set the asking price of your house too low then you may end up losing money on your investment, and if you set the price too high then you may scare away prospects. Have your professional appraiser or your real estate agent research the local market and competition to determine your home’s value.

Shopping Around

Buyers are shopping around and comparing prices; so prepare to negotiate. Do your research to establish a reasonable asking price by looking at what other homes in the neighborhood are selling for. If you have a set price in mind and are not willing to look at any other offers then you might be loosing out on potential buyers.

Marketing Your House

The more exposure your home gets, the better. Create a plan to market your property in as many places as possible, ensuring you are drawing all different types of buyers to your house. Consider advertising in the local newspapers, magazines, the Internet and with yard signs. Your realtor will help make sure your house gets the exposure it deserves.

During the Showing

When the realtor is showing your house to potential buyers leave the residence or stay in one room. The more bodies that are walking from room to room during the showing, the smaller the rooms are going to appear to potential buyers. Also, when the seller is present during this process the buyer tends to get nervous. If you are absent during the showing, buyers are more likely to discuss any concerns they may have with the property, which will allow the realtor to overcome any buyer objections at that time.

Clear Out the Clutter

Make your storage and living space appear larger than it really is by organizing all closets, bedrooms, cupboards and countertops. Every prospect is determining whether or not they can see themselves living in your home. By reducing clutter you can encourage buyers to feel comfortable in your space while making your rooms and storage spaces look larger.

Let There Be Light
Light is an important, and often overlooked, detail to enhancing the showing of your house. Open the drapes in every room and let the natural light in. Replace current light bulbs with higher wattage bulbs. If the house has a fireplace, light a fire and make the house appear homey to every potential buyer. Lighted rooms appear larger, brighter and warmer to the potential buyer.

Odors Kill the Buying Mood

Odors are one of the things buyers hate most. To successfully sell your home, it is critical you make sure to eliminate any unwanted odors. A light vanilla scent is preferred by most buyers, just make sure not to over use or mix different fragrances because many people find strong perfumes and scents to be offensive.

Painting the House

Prior to showing your home to potential buyers, examine the interior and exterior of your home for chipped paint and dingy wall colors. This is an inexpensive and easy repair that will enhance your home’s appeal. A neutral eggshell color within the home is going to make the space seem more clean and versatile to the buyer, while making the rooms appear larger and more welcoming.

First Impressions Are Everything

Don't neglect the exterior of your house when preparing for the showing. The exterior will often times be the potential buyers’ first impression of your property. A clean, fresh coat of paint along with a neatly maintained landscape can entice buyers to see the rest of your property.

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