Joanne Marie Tucker

Joanne Marie Tucker
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

o: FAX817-329-3487

Wednesday, March 20th

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Contrary to popular opinion, the mortgage loan process isn’t exactly rocket science – especially not how I do it! When it comes to loans for my customers, I follow the Golden Rule – treat others the way I want to be treated. In my case, that means treating my clients with fairness, respect and – most of all – open, honest transparency every step of the way.


From the initial interview or phone conversation to the final closing day, I provide my customers with a complete and transparent view of how the process works. Nothing is hidden, there are no secrets; from the start, I expect that my clients will place everything on the table – and they should expect me to do the same.


This way, I know exactly what my customers’ goals are, so I can explain how the loan process works, detail their options, let them make an informed decision as to which product best meets their needs, then get them to their goal.


My commitment to transparency makes it simple; in fact, I’ve voluntarily been following the Up Front Mortgage Brokers Association full disclosure pact for a decade, long before the government required it. My customers appreciate my honesty and dedication to their best interests, and it’s reflected in the fact that a majority of my business comes from repeat clients and referrals. They also appreciate that I’m first and foremost a loan officer, not a salesperson. If a potential customer calls and wants to hear a sales pitch, I’m not the one to call!


Perhaps this is because I first entered the business as a loan processor, a position that depends on transparency, careful attention to detail and the ability to apply an analytical perspective to each situation as it arises. The Realtors I worked with appreciated my style and encouraged me to become a loan officer, and the rest is history. Today, I still work with those same Realtors and I still bring the same values of attention to detail, honesty  and transparency to the table.


My customers know that I’m here to help them understand how the process works, from start to finish. They know exactly when they’ll need to part with their money, and how much. They know that I’m on their side and will work hard to help them meet their mortgage goals. They know that I’ll answer any number of their questions happily. In fact, the more inquisitive my customers are, the better!


I’ve been “officially” recognized for these qualities, too; D Magazine and Texas Monthly Magazine have both named me a Top Originator.


So if you’re ready to skip the sales pitch, avoid the secrets –and unpleasant surprises -- and work with someone who’s here to tell it like it is, give me a call at 817-329-3487!


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