Joanne Marie Tucker

Joanne Marie Tucker
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

o: FAX817-329-3487

Welcome!  The Tucker Team has been helping Texas borrowers finance their homes for over 20 years. We treat our borrowers as family and we take the time to help them structure their mortgage to fit their overall goals.  We have a spotless reputation with our lenders, borrowers, and realtors.

We have a 100% on time closing ratio with our pre-approved borrowers and we have found that communication is the key to our success. 

Our borrower receives the following communication while under contract:  


·        Weekly status phone call


·        A copy of their appraisal is emailed to them


·        A copy of their survey is emailed to them 


·         An amortization schedule is emailed to them when they lock


·        After their inspection we mail a moving package which includes mailing address labels to help them with their change of address notifications


·        We have their legal documents at title 48 hours in advance so they or their lawyer can review their documents prior to closing.


·        We attend closing with them.


·        1 week after closing we send them a survey asking how we did and if they have any recommendations on how we can improve our services.


·        1 week prior to their first payment we call them to make sure they do not have any questions on how to make their first payment and to verify that they have received their warranty deed and title policy


·         In January we send them a reminder to file their homestead and a copy of their HUD One to give to their tax preparer.




·    In May we review their appraisal district property valuation with them and discuss the impact to their escrow account (this is especially important if they purchased a home with an over 65 exemption or a brand new home.)




·        Annually we offer them a complimentary credit report review, a market analysis, and a mortgage check up

      ·        We also send them a monthly newsletter starting at preapproval.  


The realtors involved in the transaction receive piece of mind and happy clients.  In addition:

  • We fax a status report to each realtor every Friday
  • We call each realtor when we have a clear to close
  • We call each realtor when the legal documents are at title
  • In addition, a copy of the appraisal and survey are also emailed to the buyers agent.


Our realtor partners are very important to us. In addition to the above, our realtor partners receive the following services:


  • We will assist them with an annual review to their past clients who have not used our services.
  • We will help them develop a business plan and annual goals
  • We will be their accountability partners so that they reach their goals
  • We have access to a wealth of information, all our realtor partners need to do is ask and we will provide them with the information they are searching for.  


Our goal is to help our referral partners grow both personally and professionally. 

We hope that after reading this you have reached a comfort level in trusting us with your paycheck to offer the special financing on your listing or to your buyer. 

We would be happy to answer any further questions via email, phone, or in person. Our office number is Metro 817-329-3487 and my email  is  

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