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Church Real Estate Loan Checklist

  • • Loan Amount requested

   Loan purpose and use(s) of Loan proceeds


  • • Latest 3, yearâ��end financial statements
  • • Latest interim financial statement (within 60â��days of loan request including Balance Sheet)
  • • Summary of church attendance and collections for current period and past 3â��years
  • • Summary of existing financing (Balance, due date, mortgage payment, prepayment penalty, etc.) or copy of the mortgage note (s)
  • • Debt schedule


  • • Address(s)
  • • Color digital pictures
  • • Property S.F. and building schedule with breakdown of individual building S.F. and acreage
  • • Total property Acreage
  • • Legal description (if available)
  • • Age, date of most recent renovations/construction and cost of renovation/construction
  • • Estimated value (include most recent appraisal if available)
  • • Leases (include any third party leases of church property)
  • • Church school description if applicable (enrollment, classrooms, etc.)


  • • Borrower legal structure
  • • Corporate documents
  • • Copy of 501c 3 IRS Exemption
  • • Statement of Faith
  • • Bylaws
  • • Guarantors (if available)
  • • Year established
  • • Summary of church leadership and brief Bios of Board of Directors
  • • Resume’ of senior Pastor and tenure with the church, and brief bio of other key clergy
  • • Current number of members in the congregation, and Year End congregation numbers for the last 3â��years, and % of congregation by age group by age group if possible

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