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M.J. (Merri-Jane Lani)  Viglizzo NMLS 93606

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Private Money Lending, also known as "Hard Money", generally refers to privately placed loans as opposed to conventional loans. Conventional loans typically have more stringent underwriting guidelines, for both the type of property used as collateral and the credit worthiness of the borrower. The most compelling reasons for obtaining a Private Money Loan are:

  • When time is of the essence
  • When you don't qualify under the guidelines of conventional lenders
  • When you need a short term solution to reach your immediate financial goals until other options become available, such as conventional financing, sale of the property, etc.

Through our sister company, ACM Investor Services, Inc., we have a unique advantage in the marketplace. ACM has the flexibility of funding as a direct lender or utilizing relationships with a diverse network of private investors offering fast, competitive financing alternatives for borrowers or properties that do not meet conventional underwriting guidelines.

ACM Investor Services, Inc. internally underwrites, processes and funds their private money loans. The loans are funded through private investors and/or pension fund investors.

ACM also acts as the servicing agent throughout the life of the loan. When the loan comes due, they will assist you in refinancing it, if necessary. They will consult with me to determine if longer term conventional financing is obtainable or offer you new, short term private money financing.

*"Please visit our Disclosures  page for more details on all loan types."

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