M.J. (Merri-Jane Lani) Viglizzo NMLS 93606
Mortgage Advisor
M.J. (Merri-Jane Lani)  Viglizzo NMLS 93606

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Fax: 415-464-2603

Why work with a mortgage broker like All California Mortgage?

We have long-standing relationships with hundreds of lending institutions through various wholesale divisions. These include local banks, national banks, savings and loans, portfolio lenders, credit unions, etc. Several of our lenders offer us improved pricing and have granted us exclusive partnerships based upon the quality of our agents and their ability to successfully package loans.

Additionally, we own and operate our own mortgage banking division, All American Mortgage. Our bank provides a wide array of premier mortgage products, competitive rates and excellent turn around times with the ability to quickly draw our own loan documents and close loans promptly. All American Mortgage serves only All California Mortgage, Inc., branches and their agents. Borrowers benefit from the speed and convenience of "in-house" underwriting and pricing.

We also have a private money lending division, ACM Investor Services, Inc., which accommodates difficult to place loans on all types of real estate.

Therefore, having all three companies at their disposal, our agents have the ability to provide you with a complete range of mortgage products, from standard fixed loans to every type of creative financing option available.

Due to the number of lenders competing for our business, our clients are offered the most competitive prices. We receive hundreds of daily rate sheets that are continuously updated as the financial market moves. This allows our agents to instantly shop and lock the best price and product on a particular day. This saves our clients thousands of dollars. Furthermore, this is all done with one application, at no cost to the client.

Our agents can also "troubleshoot" and perfect the manner in which your loan is packaged, before submitting it to a lender for approval. This offers you the greatest chance of approval on the highest quality product. Our agents can locate and arrange superior loans for all of their clients, including those with a less than perfect financial and credit history.

This is possible because they possess the knowledge of the underwriting criteria of a vast number of lenders and have extremely well established business relationships that they can rely upon. Most importantly, because our brokers have access to so many lending institutions, even the most troublesome loans can be placed and closed at terms that are still affordable to our clients.

Finally, our agents are not biased to any one product as they are paid by the lender, regardless of which institution they choose. They work for you, not the lender. They are motivated to deliver the best product at the best price as their source of business is heavily dependent upon referrals and repeat customers. Most are fully commissioned; they are not paid if the transaction does not close and they do not receive referrals if a client less than satisfied. It is in their best interest, therefore, to provide you with the most competitive products and superior service.

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