Colonial Credit Company

Loan checklist link for RESCOM

Below is a STANDARD list of documents often needed to complete the loan process. Please EMAIL to your loan officer or FAX (fax is 949-315-3880)

  • (W-2 FORM'S) for last 2 calendar years. (AND/OR 1099's for prior 2 calendar years if applicable)

  • PAY STUBS covering the last 30 days for all borrowers

  • MOST RECENT TWO MONTHS STATEMENTS FOR ANY RESERVES (all pages of the mailed statement even if blank and not an activity printout) for BANK ACCOUNTS, MUTUAL FUNDS, 401-k's etc..(Anywhere there is money or stock on deposit). A single quarter statement for quarterly accounts is fine since it covers 3 months. If you don't get statements by mail, a facsimile of what would have been mailed is usually available on the institutions website under "statements".

  • MOST RECENT MORTGAGE STATEMENT(S) for all real estate loans to which you are obligated, including home equity or HELOC loans. IF YOU RENT: Please provide landlords contact info.

  • LAST 2 YEARS FEDERAL TAX RETURNS (federal only- all pages please) If you havent filed for the prior year, we will need proof of extension. Own more than 25% of a corporation or do you receive K-1's? You will also need to submit the last 2 years of corporate returns (typically the 1120 form).

  • COPIES OF AWARD LETTERS for Social Security, retirement, pensions, annuities. Anything that is a fixed annual amount that changes each year.

  • IDENTIFICATION Copies of Drivers licenses and (if possible) social security cards

  • FIRE INSURANCE INFO - copy of recent insurance bill or declarations page.


  • SALES CONTRACT  - fully executed

  • HOA INFORMATION if this is a condo.

  • PRIOR BANKRUPTCY?: Be prepared to later provide a complete copy of BK papers if requested. Usually required if Bankruptcy occured within 3 years, but not always needed.

  • DIVORCED? Depending on how recent, a copy of the agreement may be required. Same for legal separations as this will show up in the title report.

  • OTHER INCOME like Child support or Alimony income must be documented if you want it to be considered.