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Colonal Credit offers useful information provided by Rescom regarding Public Access Wholesale (P.A.W.) mortgages.

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  • REAL wholesale rates now made available to consumers
  • Up front disclosure of points
  • No waiting to see if you will qualify

RESCOM FINANCIAL helps save money for consumers by delivering wholesale rates, up-front fee disclosures, and fundings in weeks (not months). Unfortunately, as you may have already experienced, most banks and TV/Radio advertisers  are evasive when asked about their points and fees because they MUST CHARGE MORE to cover their higher costs.

Like a warehouse store, we minimize our expenses to keep costs low. Our approach means that although we will likely make far less than what our competitors do, the repeat business and referrals will more than make up for the lower profit per transaction.


Banks and TV/Radio lenders care more about numbers than relationships.RESCOM is a relationship-based company and we must be certain you are completely satisfied because we depend on your repeat business and referrals.

RESCOM's P.A.W. program offers immediate decisions and streamlined funding in a fraction of the time!

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COLONIAL CREDIT is pleased to help educate real estate companies and consumers. The quick-Apply section below is for RESCOM, a separate entity..